Frequenlty Asked Questions

Why should I go with a Local Company instead of the Big national company?

Going local has so many benefits starting with you can actually talk to the owner to get the answers you need. You don’t have to deal with bot phone calls. You save money since local guys have lower overhead than the big companies. They live in the community and want to ensure if they see a customer around town it is pleasant visit. They are invested in making the town safe for their family. There is a chart showing the savings , and we don’t lock you into a long term contract. We set you up as a month to month.

What is the difference between the cameras you sell and the ones I can get at Sam's Club?
The ones from Sam’s Club are not commercial quality. What this means is it is not made to last as long as the ones we sell. We ensure the brand and systems we sell are up to the task to be there when you need them. The ones from Sam’s Club usually last 2-5 years before you will need to replace them. Ours we are averaging 6-10 years before something needs to be done. But usually it’s individual things, not the whole system. We also sell only hardwire systems due to the risk of wireless being hacked, or jammed. This is where we really shine is when the wireless doorbell gets jammed our cameras recorded what was missed by the wireless.
How much to install cameras I already purchased?

This is a case by case basis. We like to check out where you are wanting cameras placed along with the recorder to ensure we can get wires to those locations without damaging your house. Then we judge how long it should take to get the wires there. Some things that will increase the cost is camera placement. If we have to drill through brick the cost increases, if the attic space has a low roof this also will increase the price. These are things that add time to the install. We also want to ensure the kit you bought has long enough cables to reach where you want stuff to be. If not we can build the required cable and that is also an added cost. The prices vary from $100-$300 per camera to install.

What all is included in the cost to have you install the camera system I purchased from somewhere else?

That includes running cable, hanging cameras, cover plate where the wires come out of the wall to the recorder, running internet cable, programming the system, getting the system on your phone, and training you how to use the system and answering any questions.

Are your alarms going to dispatch the police?
Yes at the $35/month that includes dispatching the police, and EMS. But if you are just wanting to get notifications on your phone the $25/month package will give you that and allow you to interact with your z wave devices as well. Such as your door lock, garage door, lights, and Thermostat
Are your cameras monitored?

No, the cameras are not set up to go to the monitoring station to dispatch the Police. But you can have it set up to notify your phone of movements, or we can set up AI which we can put people’s photos in the recorder and it can notify you if those people are on any of the camera views.

Why should I use you?

Our company stands behind their word. We do not make claims that we can do something unless we are 100% sure we can. We have told customers in the past that we wanted things we have not done that we can not guarantee but will give it a try. We did get those items done for them and they were happy. We make it where you are not stuck to us also. What I mean by this is the monitoring agreement is a month to month agreement. So you are not stuck with us if you are not happy with our services. The system you purchased from us is your system and any security company can take it over. We started this company when Lubbock made the most dangerous city in Texas list wanting to ensure our kids had a safe place to grow up in. We can only do that by providing a system that works to catch the criminals and get them put away.

Do you work on existing camera systems?

Yes we will come in and address issues you are having.

Do you work on existing alarm systems?

Depends on a few things. First, is it monitored by someone else? if yes we are not legally allowed to. But if not then it is possible if you have the installer code from the previous company. If it is Vivant, ADT, and a few other companies it depends on the panel if we can take it over. Most of the time it is not possible to take them over due to them encrypting the system to only work with their software. That is if you are wanting us to start monitoring, but if you are just wanting it as a noise maker we can change out the batteries, and test everything to make sure they work. If anything needs to be replaced will need the installer code for the panel to program in the new sensors.

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